Electron Microscopes

JEM-ARM200F / Jeol

aberration corrected (S)TEM @CCRF

Fusion Select / Protochips : In-situ electrothermal TEM holder
(Heating + Biasing) with AXON Synchronicity module

Focused Ion Beam / FEI, Helios G5 CX

Transmission Electron Microscope (JEM-2100F) @CCRF

JEM-2010 / Jeol : TEM @ECEP

Focused Ion Beam / FEI, Helios G3 CX @ CCRF

FE-EPMA / Jeol JXA-8530F Plus @ CCRF

JSM-5610 / Jeol : Normal SEM with EDS

SU5000 / Hitach : FE-SEM with EDS/EBSD @Core center

JSM-7900F / Jeol : FE-SEM with EDS

Sample preparation facilities

MultiPrep system

(Ion polishing)

Metprep 1X precision grinder/polisher

Techcut / Low speed saw

Gatan Dimpler

Pol-V 300 / Vibrational polisher

Mounting press

Inverted microscope

Upright microscope

Digital microscope

Carbon coater

Sputter coater (Pt)

Materials Process

Glove box-integrated furnace with Turbo pump
(H2, N2 gas available)

Furnace with Turbo pump (H2, N2 gas available)

Planetary Ball Mill, PM 100