82. "V2O3/VN Electrocatalysts with Coherent Heterogeneous Interfaces for Selecting Low-energy Nitrogen Reduction Pathways",
Tae-Yong An, Chengkai Xia, Minyeong Je, Hyunjung Lee, Seulgi Ji, Min-Cheol Kim, Subramani Surendran, Mi-Kyung Han, Jaehyoung Lim, Dong-Kyu Lee,
Joon Young Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Heechae Choi*, Jung Kyu Kim*, Uk Sim*
SusMat (2024) in press (IF=18.7, JCR 2.1% in Green & Sustainable Science & Technology Category 2/91

81. "Nondestructive single-atom-thick crystallographic scanner via sticky-note-like van der Waals assembling-disassembling",
Ji-Yun Moon, Seung-Il Kim, Soheil Ghods, Seungil Park, Seunghan Kim, SooHyun Chang, Ho-Chan Jang, Jun-Hui Choi, Justin S. Kim, Sang-Hoon Bae,
Dongmok Whang*, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Jae-Hyun Lee*
Advanced Materials (2024) in press (IF=29.4, JCR 2.3% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary Category 8/344

80. "Optimizing Compounding Ratios of Polycarbonate and Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate for Electronic Device Covers: A Study on Sustainable Materials",
Young Wan Kim‡, Gnanaprakasam Janani‡, Joon Young Kim‡, Dae Jun Moon, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Hyunjung Lee*, and Uk Sim*
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 61 (2024) 445-457 (IF=2.5, JCR 25% in Materials Science, Ceramics Category 7/29

79. "Defect engineered ternary metal spinel-type Ni-Fe-Co oxide as bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall electrochemical water splitting",
Sebastian Cyril Jesudass, Subramani Surendran, Dae Jun Moon, Sathyanarayanan Shanmugapriya, Joon Young Kim, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Krishnan Veeramani,
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Journal of Colloid And Interface Science 663 (2024) 566-576 (IF=9.9, JCR 18% in Chemistry, Physical Category 29/161

78. "Structurally engineered highly efficient electrocatalytic performance of 3-dimensional Mo/Ni chalcogenides for boosting overall water splitting performance",
Shivraj Mahadik, Subramani Surendran, Dae Jun Moon, Joon Young Kim, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Sebastian Cyril Jesudass Krishnan Veeramani, Hyeonuk Choi,
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Chemosphere 352 (2024) 141233  (IF=8.8, JCR 10.9% in Environmental Sciences Category 30/275

77. "Synthesis of High-Entropy Alloys with a Tailored Composition and Phase Structure Using a Single Configurable Target",
Khurshed Alam, Woohyung Jang, Geonwoo Jeong, Jinhui Ser, Doori Kang, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Hoonsung Cho*
ACS Omega 9 (2024) 1362-1374 (IF=4.1, JCR Q2 in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

76. "Recent research trends in perfluoropolyether for energy device applications: a mini review",
Sathyanarayanan Shanmugapriya, Myeong Gon Kim, Sejin Im, Yujin Jeong, Subramani Surendran, Tae-Eon Park, Young-Hoon Yun, Hyunjung Lee*,
Tae-Hoon Kim*, Uk Sim*
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 61 (2024) 1-14 (IF=2.5, JCR 25% in Materials Science, Ceramics Category 7/29

75. "Bimetallic NiO/NiFe2O4 Heterostructures with Interfacial Effects for Boosting Electrochemical Water Splitting Applications",
Sebastian Cyril Jesudass, Subramani Surendran, Joon Young Kim, Sathyanarayanan Shanmugapriya, Dae Jun Moon, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Krishnan Veeramani, Shivraj Mahadik, Jinuk Choi, Pildo Jung, Il Goo Kim, Hyunjung Park, Hyun Soo Han, Heechae Choi, Gibum Kwon, Jaeyeong Heo, Kootak Hong, Tae-Hoon Kim*,
Yong Il Park*, Uk Sim*
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 952 (2024) 117947  (IF=4.5, JCR 20.9% in Chemistry, Analytical Category 18/86

74. "A natural molecule-driven organometallic conformal overlayer for high efficiency photoelectrochemical water splitting",
Yuankai Li, Min-Cheol Kim, Chengkai Xia, Won Tae Hong, Jaekyum Kim, Geunsu Bae, Yoon Seo Jang, Se Yun Jeong, Eunji Sim, Chang Hyuck Choi, Tae-Hoon Kim,
Ki Hyun Kim*, Jung Kyu Kim*
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 343 (2024) 123516 (IF=22.1, JCR 1.8% in Engineering, Environmental Category 1/55)

73. "Synergistically enhanced electrocatalytic performance of NiO infused crystalline graphitic carbon towards overall water splitting",
Krishnan Veeramani, Sathyanarayanan Shanmugapriya, Joon Young Kim, Subramani Surendran, Dae Jun Moon, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Sebastian Cyril Jesudass, Shivraj Mahadik, Hyeonuk Choi, Pildo Jung, Il Goo Kim, Jaeyeong Heo, Kootak Hong, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Yong Il Park*, Uk Sim*
Materials Letters 356 (2024) 135593 (IF=3.0, JCR Q2 in Physics, Applied)

72. "In situ Decorated Cu2FeSnS4 Nanosheet Arrays for Low Voltage Hydrogen Production through Ammonia Oxidation Reaction",
Yoongu Lim, Subramani Surendran, Won So, Sathyanarayanan Shanmugapriya, Chanmin Jo, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Hyeonuk Choi, Hyun Soo Han, Heechae Choi,
Young-Hoon Yun, Tae-Hoon Kim, Myeong-Jin Kim, Kyoungsuk Jin, Jung Kyu Kim*, Uk Sim*
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 7 (2023) 5843 (IF=7.0, JCR 22.8% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary Category 78/342

71. "Redistributing the Electronic States of 2D-Covalent Organic Frameworks for Electrochemical Energy Applications",
Sebastian Cyril Jesudass, Subramani Surendran, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Uk Sim*
Advanced Energy Materials 13 (2023) 2301918 (IF=27.8, JCR 3.10% in Chemistry, Physical Category 5/161) Selected as Cover

70. "Electrosynthesis of Low Pt-Loaded High Entropy Catalysts for Effective Hydrogen Evolution with Improved Acidic Durability",
Dohun Kim, Subramani Surendran, Yujin Jeong, Yoongu Lim, Sejin Im, Sungtae Park, Joon Young Kim, Suyeon Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim,
Byungjin Koo, Kyoungsuk Jin, Uk Sim*
Advanced Materials Technologies 8 (2023) 2200882 (IF=8.856, JCR 17.97% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary Category 62/345

69. "Stabilization of layered-type potassium manganese oxide cathode with fluorine treatment for high-performance K-ion batteries",
Yeongmin Kim, Gwangeon Oh, Jun Lee, Hyokyeong Kang, Hyerim Kim, Jimin Park, Shivam Kansara, Jang-Yeon Hwang*, Young Park, Kiki Rezki Lestari,
Tae-Hoon Kim*, Jaekook Kim*
Journal of Power Sources 30 (2023) 233729 (IF=9.2, JCR 13.33% in Electrochemistry Category 4/30

68. "A conformal titanyl phosphate amorphous overlayer for enhancing photoelectrochemical hydrogen peroxide production",
Jaekyum Kim, Young Eun Kim, Minyeong Je, Won Tae Hong, Chang-Lyoul Lee, Tae-Hoon Kim, Sung Min Cho, Chang Hyuck Choi, Heechae Choi*, Woo-Seok Choe*,
Jung Kyu Kim*
Journal of Energy Chemistry 86 (2023) 399-408 (IF=13.1, JCR 2.78% in Chemistry, Applied Category 2/72

67. "Pathways of Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Reaction: From Ammonia Synthesis to Metal-N2 batteries",
Sebastian Cyril Jesudass, Subramani Surendran, Joonyoung Kim, Tae-Yong An, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Jung Kyu Kim*, Uk Sim*
Electrochemical Energy Reviews 6 (2023) 27 (IF=32.804, JCR 3.33% in Electrochemistry Category 1/30

66. "Recent progress in the development of carbon-based materials in lead–carbon batteries",
Shivraj Mahadik, Subramani Surendran, Joon Young Kim, Dongkyu Lee, Jihyun Park, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Ho-Young Jung*, Uk Sim*
Carbon Neutralization 2, 4 (2023) 510-524

65. "Growth of single crystal Sb2S3 semiconductor pillars by sol-gel method",
Mao Zhang, Wonjung Park, Yeojin Kang, Dayoung Yoo, Tae-Hoon Kim, Byunkwon Lim, Yoon-Hwae Hwang, Dongyun Lee*
Materialia 30 (2023) 101842

64. "In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation on Surface Oxides Thermal Stability of Niobium",
Jin-Su Oh, Xiaotian Fang, Tae-Hoon Kim, Matt Lynn, Matt Kramer, Mehdi Zarea, James A. Sauls, Alexander Romanenko, Sam Posen, Anna Grassellino,
Cameron J. Kopas, Mark Field, Jayss Marshall, Hilal Cansizoglu, Kameshwar Yadavalli, Joshua Y. Mutus, Matthew Reagor, Lin Zhou*
Applied Surface Science 627 (2023) 157297 (IF=7.392, JCR 5% in Materials Science, Coatings & Films 1/20

63. "Hydrogen and Value-Added Products Yield from Hybrid Water Electrolysis: A Critical Review on Recent Developments",
Krishnan Veeramani, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Joonyoung Kim, Subramani Surendran, Jaehyoung Lim, Sebastian Cyril Jesudass, Shivraj Mahadik, Hyunjung Lee,
Tae-Hoon Kim*, Jung Kyu Kim*, Uk Sim*
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 177 (2023) 113227 (IF=16.8, JCR 2.12% in Green & Sustainable Science & Technology Category 1/47

62. "Mechanism of Enhanced Flowability/Spreadability in 3D Printed Ni Alloy Powder",
Jaehyoung Lim, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Jungho Choe, Mi-Kyung Han, Joon Young Kim, Dae Jun Moon, Hoonsung Cho*, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Sangsun Yang*, Uk Sim*
Powder Technology 415 (2023) 118198 (IF=5.64)

61. "Nanocrystalline Iron Pyrophosphate-Regulated Amorphous Phosphate Overlayer for Enhancing Solar Water Oxidation",
Chengkai Xia, Yuankai Li, Minyeong Je, Jaekyum Kim, Sung Min Cho, Chang Hyuck Choi, Heechae Choi, Tae-Hoon Kim, Jung Kyu Kim*
Nano-Micro Letters 14 (2022) 209 (IF=23.7, JCR 3.76% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary Category 13/345 )

60. "Synthesis of PtSn4 Intermetallic Nanodisks through a Galvanic Replacement Mechanism",
Jiaqi Yu, Shen-Wei Yu, Zhiyuan Qi, Xiaotian Fang, Tae-Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Sen Zhang*, Wenyu Huang*
Chemistry of Materials 34, 15 (2022) 6968-6976 (IF=10.508)

59. "Syntheses and Electronic structure Engineering of Transition Metal Nitrides for supercapacitor application",
Shivraj Mahadik, Surendran Subramani, Joonyoung Kim, Janani Gnanaprakasam, DongKyu Lee, Tae-Hoon Kim*, Jung Kyu Kim*, Uk Sim*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (2022) 14655-14673 (IF=14.511, JCR 7.5% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary Category 26/345 ) Selected as Cover

58. "Does the Encapsulation Strategy of Pt Nanoparticles with Carbon Layers Really Ensure Both Highly Active and Durable Electrocatalysis in Fuel Cells?",
Sang Gu Ji, Han Chang Kwon, Tae-Hoon Kim, Uk Sim*, Chang Hyuck Choi*
ACS catalysis 12 (2022) 7317-7325 (IF=13.084, JCR rank  8.95%)

57. "Controlled optimization of Mg and Zn in Al alloys for improved corrosion resistance via uniform corrosion"
Jaehyoung  Lim, Geonwoo Jeong, Kookjeong Seo, Jungsoo Lim, Sangjun Park, Won Ju, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Dong-Kyu Lee, Joon Young Kim, Mi-Kyung Han,
Tae-Hoon Kim, Sungtae Park*, Hoonsung Cho*, Uk Sim*,
Materials Advances 3 (2022) 4752 Selected as Cover

56. "4-pole Hybrid HVDC Circuit Breaker For Pole-to-pole (PTP) Fault Protection"
Geon Kim , Jin-hyo Park , Dong Yeong Kim , Su Yeon Kim , Tae-Hoon Kim , Han Seung Jang , Young-woo Lee*, Myoungjin Lee*
IEEE Access 10 (2022) 39789-39799

55. "Sprayable copper and copper–zinc nanowires inks for antiviral surface coating"
Chaochao Pan, Kruttika S Phadke, Zheng Li, Gaoyuan Ouyang, Tae-Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Julie Slaughter, Bryan Bellaire, Shenqiang Ren, Jun Cui*
RSC Advances 12, 10 (2022) 6093-6098

54. "Atomic-Level Structure of Mesoporous Hexagonal Boron Nitride Determined by High-Resolution Solid-State Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
and Density Functional Theory Calculations
Rick W. Dorn, Patrick M. Heintz, Ivan Hung, Kuizhi Chen, Jin-Su Oh, Tae-Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Zhehong Gan, Wenyu Huang, and Aaron J. Rossini
Chemistry of Materials 34, 4 (2022) 1649-1665

53. "Nitrogen-impregnated carbon-coated TiO2 nanoparticles for N2 reduction to ammonia under ambient conditions"
Dohun Kim, Subramani Surendran, Gnanaprakasam Janani, Yoongu Lim, Hyeonuk Choi, Mi-Kyung Han, Subramanian Yuvaraj*,
Tae-Hoon Kim*, Jung Kyu Kim*, Uk Sim*
Materials Letters 314 (2022) 131808

52. "Self-Catalytic Growth of Elementary Semiconductor Nanowires with Controlled Morphology and Crystallographic Orientation"
Hyeon-Sik Jang, Tae-Hoon Kim, Byeong Geun Kim, Bo Hou, In-Hwan Lee, Su-Ho Jung, Jae-Hyun Lee, SeungNam Cha, Cheol-Woong Yang,
Byung-Sung Kim*, and Dongmok Whang*
Nano Letters 21, 23 (2021) 9909-9915 (IF=11.238) 

51. "Direct Methane Activation by Atomically Thin Platinum Nanolayers on Two-dimensional Metal Carbides"
Zhe Li, Yang Xiao*, Prabudhya Roy Chowdhury, Zhenwei Wu, Tao Ma, Johnny Zhu Chen, Gang Wan, Tae-Hoon Kim, Dapeng Jing, Peilei He, Pratik J. Potdar,
Lin Zhou, Zhenhua. Zeng, Xiulin Rean, Jeffrey T. Miller, Jeffrey P. Greeley, Yue Wu*, Arvind Varma
Nature Catalysis 4 (2021) 882-891 (IF=41.318

50. "Kinetics of Magnetic Skyrmion Crystal Formation from the Conical Phase"
Tae-Hoon Kim, Haijun Zhao, Phuong-Vu Ong, Brandt A Jensen, Baozhi Cui, Alexander H King, Liqin Ke*, Lin Zhou*
Nano Letters 21, 13 (2021) 5547-5554 (IF=11.238) 

49. "Structural and Magnetic Properties of Hard Magnetic System Ce (Co1-xFex) 4.4 Cu0. 6 (0≤ x≤ 0.19)"
Olena Palasyuk*, Michael Onyszczak, Tae-Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Matthew J Kramer, Sergey L Bud’ko, Paul C Canfield, Andriy Palasyuk
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 883, 25 (2021) 160866 (JCR rank 7.78 %)

48. "Mechanisms of Skyrmion and Skyrmion Crystal Formation from the Conical Phase"
Tae-Hoon Kim, Haijun Zhao, Ben Xu, Brandt A. Jensen, Alexander H. King, Matthew J. Kramer, Cewen Nan, Liqin Ke, Lin Zhou
Nano Letters 20, 7 (2020) 4731-4738  (IF=11.238)  Selected as Cover

47. "Manipulating of magnetism in the topological semimetal EuCd2As2"
Na Hyun Jo, Brinda Kuthanazhi, Yun Wu, Erik Timmons, Tae-Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Lin-Lin Wang, Benjamin G. Ueland, Andriy Palasyuk, Dominic H. Ryan,
Robert J. McQueeney, Kyungchan Lee, Benjamin Schrunk, Anton A. Burkov, Ruslan Prozorov, Sergey L. Bud’ko, Adam Kaminski, Paul C. Canfield
Physical Review B 101 (2020) 140402(R)   

46. "Identifying the Molecular Edge Termination of Exfoliated Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets with Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and
Plane-Wave DFT Calculations
Rick W. Dorn, Matthew J. Ryan, Tae-Hoon Kim, Tian Wei Goh, Patrick M. Heintz, Lin Zhou, Wenyu Huang, Aaron Rossini
Chemistry of Materials 32 (2020) 3109 (IF=9.811)  

45. "In-situ TEM analysis of the phase transformation mechanism of a Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloy fabricated with different quenching speeds"
Tae-Hoon Kim, Gaoyuan Ouyang, Jonathan D. Poplawsky, Matthew J. Kramer, Valery I. Levitas, Jun Cui, Lin Zhou
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 808 (2019) 151743 (JCR rank 7.78 %)

44. "Millimeter-Scale Growth of Single-Oriented Graphene on a Palladium Silicide Amorphous Film"
Hyun-Woo Kim#, Inkyung Song#, Tae-Hoon Kim#, Sung Joon Ahn#, Ha-Chul Shin, Byeong-Seon An, Yamujin Jang, Sunam Jeon, Eun Hye Kim,
Ishwor Bahadur Khadka, TaeJun Gu, Sun-Hee Woo, Dongmok Whang, Youngkuk Kim, Cheol-Woong Yang, Joung Real Ahn
ACS Nano 13 (2019) (#Co-1st, Equal contribution) 1127-1135 (IF=15.881)

43. "Integrating Rh Species with NiFe Layered-Double-Hydroxide for Overall Water Splitting"
Bowei Zhang, Chongqin Zhu, Zishan Wu, Eli Stavitski, Yu Hui Lui, Tae-Hoon Kim, Huan Liu, Ling Huang, Xuechen Luan, Lin Zhou, Kun Jiang, Wenyu Huang,
Shan Hu, Hailiang Wang, Joseph S. Francisco
Nano Letters 20 (2019) 136-144 (IF=11.238)  

42. "Uncompensated Polarization in Incommensurate Modulations of Perovskite Antiferroelectrics"
Tao Ma, Zhongming Fan, Bin Xu, Tae-Hoon Kim, Ping Lu, Laurent Bellaiche, Matthew J. Kramer, Xiaoli Tan, Lin Zhou
Physical Review Letters 123 (2019) 217602 (IF=9.161)

41. "Atomically intimate contact between solid electrolytes and electrodes for Li batteries"
Fuzhen Li, Jingxuan Li, Feng Zhu, Ting Liu, Ben Xu, Tae-Hoon Kim, Matthew J. Kramer, Cheng Ma, Lin Zhou, Ce-Wen Nan
Matter 1 (2019) 1001-1016 (IF=15.589) Selected as Editor’s pick for 2019 

40. "Low angle boundary migration of shot-peened pure nickel investigated by electron channeling contrast imaging and electron backscatter diffraction"
Jin-Su Oh, Hyun-Woo Cha, Tae-Hoon Kim, Keesam Shin, Cheol-Woong Yang
Microscopy Research and Technique 82 (2019) 849-855   

39. "A Hydride Route to Alkali Metal Borides: A Case Study of Lithium Nickel Borides"
Volodymyr Gvozdetskyi, Michael P. Hanrahan, Raquel A. Ribeiro, Tae‐Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Aaron J. Rossini, Paul C. Canfield, Julia V. Zaikina
Chemistry – A European Journal 25 (2019) 4123-4135   

38. "Effects of High Magnetic Fields on Phase Transformations in Amorphous Nd2Fe14B"
Michael Kesler, Brandt Jensen, Lin Zhou, Olena Palasyuk, Tae-Hoon Kim, Matthew Kramer, Ikenna Nlebedim, Orlando Rios, Michael McGuire
Magnetochemistry 5 (2019) 16   

37. "High Density Ordered Array of CoPt3 Nanoparticles with Individually Addressable Out-of-Plane Magnetization"
Yong-Tae Kim, Hyunok Jung, U-Hwang Lee, Tae-Hoon Kim, Jaekyung Jang, Joo Yull Rhee, Cheol-Woong Yang, Je-Geun Park, Young-Uk Kwon
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (2019) 975-982  

36. "Mechanism of Enhanced Thermal Stability of Polarization in Lead-Free (Bi1/2Na1/2)0.94Ba0.06TiO3/ZnO Ceramic Composites"
Zhongming Fan, Lin Zhou, Tae-Hoon Kim, Shang-Tao Zhang and Xiaoli Tan
Physical Review Materials 3 (2019) 024402  

35. "Single Crystal Permanent Magnet: Extraordinary Magnetic Behavior in the ta, Cu and Fe Substituted CeCo5 System"
Tej Lamichhane, Michael T. Onyszczak, Olena Palasyuk, Saba Sharikadze, Tae-Hoon Kim, Matthew J. Kramer, R. W. McCallum, Aleksander L. Wysocki,
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34. "Defect-rich 2D Material Networks for Advanced Oxygen Evolution Catalysts"
Bowei Zhang, Zhiyuan Qi, Zishan Wu, Yu Hui Lui, Tae-Hoon Kim, Xiaohui Tang, Lin Zhou, Wenyu Huang, Shan Hu
ACS Energy Letters 4 (2019) 328-336 (IF=19.05) Selected as Cover

33. "An abnormal meta-stable nanoscale eutectic reaction revealed by in-situ observations"
Lin Zhou, Fanqiang Meng, Shihuai Zhou, Kewei Sun, Tae-Hoon Kim, Ryan Ott, Ralph Napolitano, Matthew J. Kramer
Acta Materialia 164 (2019) 697-703 (JCR rank 2.5 %)  

32. "Dirac Electrons In a Dodecagonal Graphene Quasicrystal"
Sung Joon Ahn#, Pilkyung Moon#, Tae-Hoon Kim#, Hyun-Woo Kim, Ha-Chul Shin, Eun Hye Kim, Hyun Woo Cha, Se-Jong Kahng, Philip Kim, Mikito Koshino,
Young-Woo Son, Cheol-Woong Yang and Joung Real Ahn
Science 361, 6404 (2018) (#Co-1st, Equal contribution) 782-786 (IF=47.73) Selected as Cover

31. "Crystallographic alignment of Fe2B and Nd2Fe14B for texture memory in hydrogenation-disproportionation-desorption-recombination processed
Nd-Fe-B powders
Tae-Hoon Kim, Min-Chul Kang, Jung-Goo Lee, Hae-Woong Kwon, Dong Soo Kim, and Cheol-Woong Yang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 732 (2018) 32-42 (JCR rank 7.78 %)

30. "Relaxation Dynamics of Zero-Field Skyrmions over a Wide Temperature Range"
Licong Peng, Ying Zhang, Liqin Ke, Tae-Hoon Kim, Qiang Zheng, Jiaqiang Yan, X. G. Zhang, Yang Gao, Shouguo Wang, Jianwang Cai, Baogen Shen,
Robert J. McQueeney, Adam Kaminski, Matthew J. Kramer, Lin Zhou
Nano Letters 18 (2018) 7777-7783 (IF=11.238)

29. "One-pot size-controlled growth of graphene-encapsulated germanium nanocrystals"
Jae-Hyun Lee, Eun-Kyung Lee, Seog-Gyun Kang, Su-Ho Jung, Seok-Kyun Son, Woo Hyun Nam, Tae-Hoon Kim, Byong Lyong Choi, Dongmok Whang
Applied Surface Science 440 (2018) 553-559 (JCR rank 4.76 %)

28. "Magnetic properties of single crystalline itinerant ferromagnet AlFe2B2"
Tej N. Lamichhane, Li Xiang, Qisheng Lin, Tribhuwan Pandey, David. S. Parker, Tae-Hoon Kim, Lin Zhou, Matthew J. Kramer, Sergey L. Bud’ko, Paul C. Canfield
Physical Review Materials 2 (2018) 084408 

27. "Study on microstructure and coercivity of thermally processed Nd-Fe-B type HDDR material"
Kyung Min Kim, Min Seok Kang, Hae-Woong Kwon, Tae-Hoon Kim, Cheol-Woong Yang, Jung-Goo Lee, Ji Hoon Yu
Journal of Magnetics 23 (2018) 274-279 

26. "Sequential precipitation behavior of Mg17Al12 and Mg2Sn in Mg-8Al-2Sn-1Zn alloys"
Su mi Jo, Sung Dae Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim, Yohan Go, Cheol-Woong Yang, Bong Sun You, Young Min Kim
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 749 (2018) 794-802 (JCR rank 7.78 %)

25. "Novel method for preparing transmission electron microscopy samples of few-micrometer-sized powder particles by using focused ion beam"
Tae-Hoon Kim, Min-Chul Kang, Ga-Bin Jung, Dong Soo Kim and Cheol-Woong Yang
Microscopy and Microanalysis 23 (2017) 1055-1060 (JCR rank < 10 %) 

24. "Dependence of the In-Plane Thermal Conductivity of Graphene on Grain Mirsorientation"
Dongmok Lee, Sanghoon Lee, Byeong-Seon An, Tae-Hoon Kim, Cheol-Woong Yang, Ji Won Suk, and Seunghyun Baik
Chemistry of Materials 29 (2017) 10409-10417 (IF=9.811)

23. "Realization of continuous Zachariasen graphene"
Won-Jae Joo, Jae-Hyun Lee, Yamujin Jang, Seog-Gyun Kang, Young-Nam Kwon, Jaegwan Chung, Sangyeob Lee, Changhyun Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim,
Cheol-Woong Yang, U. J. Kim, B. L. Choi, Dongmok Whang, Sung-Woo Hwang
Science Advances 3 (2017) e1601821 (IF=14.136)

22. "Direct observation of texture memory in hydrogenation–disproportionation–desorption–recombination processed Nd-Fe-B magnets using electron
backscatter diffraction
Tae-Hoon Kim, Jin-Su Oh, Hee-Ryoung Cha, Jung-Goo Lee, Hae-Woong Kwon, and Cheol-Woong Yang
Scripta Materialia 115 (2016) 6-9 (JCR rank 5.26 %)

21. "Effect of desorption and recombination on texture development in hydrogenation-disproportionation-desorption-recombination processed Nd-Fe-B magnets"
Tae-Hoon Kim, Byeong-Seon An, Hee-Ryoung Cha, Jung-Goo Lee, Hae-Woong Kwon, Cheol-Woong Yang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 672 (2016) 582-589 (JCR rank 7.78 %)

20. "Novel method for measurement of transistor gate length using energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy"
Sungho Lee#, Tae-Hoon Kim#, Jonghyuk Kang, and Cheol-Woong Yang
Semiconductor Science and Technology 31 (2016) 124004 (#Co-1st, Equal contribution) 

19. "Interfacial Reactions in Ni/6H-SiC at Low Temperatures (<650 C)"
Suhee Lim, Jin-su Oh, Byeong-Seon An, Jee-Hwan Bae, Tae-Hoon Kim, M. H Park, H. Kim, and Cheol-Woong Yang
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 16 (2016) 10853-10857  

18. "Recrystallization Behavior of Shot peened Pure Nickel Investigated by Backscattered Electron Techniques"
Jin-Su Oh, Seung-Moon Baek, Tae-Hoon Kim, Hyun-Woo Cha, Kyu-Jin Jo, Keesam Shin and Cheol-Woong Yang
Science of Advanced Materials 8 (2016) 2103-2107  

17. "Direct observation of ferroelectric domain switching of BaTiO3 using in-situ transmission electron microscopy"
Kyu-Jin Jo, Byeong-Seon An, Tae-Hoon Kim, Hyun-Woo Cha, Jin-Su Oh, J. H. Lee, M. Y. Kim and Cheol-Woong Yang
Science of Advanced Materials 8 (2016) 2281-2285  

16. "Quantification of crystallinity in Ge-Sb-Te chalcogenide materials using energy-filtered electron diffraction"
Byeong-Seon An, Tae-Hoon Kim, Suhee Lim, Hyun-Woo Cha, M. H. Park, J. G. Ahn, S. W. Nam and Cheol-Woong Yang
Science of Advanced Materials 8 (2016) 2276-2280  

15. "Phase-change behavior of carbon-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 investigated by in situ electrical biasing transmission electron microscopy"
Byeong-Seon An, Jin-Su Oh, Tae-Hoon Kim, S. I. Kim, Young-Woon Kim, J. G. Ahn, S. W. Nam and Cheol-Woong Yang
Science of Advanced Materials 8 (2016) 2269-2275  

14. "Epitaxial Growth of a Single-Crystal Hybridized Boron Nitride and Graphene Layer on a Wide-Band Gap Semiconductor"
Ha-Chul Shin#, Yamujin Jang#, Tae-Hoon Kim#, Jun-Hae Lee, Dong-Hwa Oh, Sung Joon Ahn, Jae Hyun Lee, Youngkwon Moon, Ji-Hoon Park, Sung Jong Yoo,
Chong-Yun Park, Dongmok Whang, Cheol-Woong Yang, and Joung Real Ahn
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (2015), 6897-6905 (#Co-1st, Equal contribution) (IF=14.695)

13. "Atomic structure and growth mechanism of T1 precipitate in Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Ag alloy"
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